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Breaking the glass ceiling

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

A glass ceiling means an invisible barrier that prevents some people to get promoted to a senior post. This is a barrier caused through direct discrimination and subtle. Where a person has opportunities but isn’t able to achieve them by giving their efforts. The reason behind the failure is not their lack of experience or skills but in fact, they have not given their best.

The term glass ceiling is mostly used for minorities, women, age, class, and religious differences. In the past women were not being promoted because of their gender even if they were highly qualified and skilled because of the mentality that men are more skilled to be a leader. Women didn’t get opportunities to achieve their goals. However, in the last 20 years’ women in MBA programs have increased by 20%. The percentage has increased slowly but it’s still increasing with time. As the women are getting educated and well aware of their rights. Women should be given a flexible schedule as compared to men so this will help women to achieve their goals in a hectic daily routine. Women should also be given senior sponsorship so they will be able to compete with other men. They will be a role model for other women to work hard and get promoted to senior posts.

Religion difference is a major reason for some people to get promoted in some countries. Age is also a factor for some jobs. A person who is 50 plus is not able to work as a software engineer for a new business because he is too old. Class difference is also a major factor as a brilliant law graduate is being rejected for being an internee at a famous firm because of his background or of his upbringing. A person who has applied for a job or admission saw him/herself as a perfect candidate but when they get rejected they believe in religion, age, and other factors come in. Which makes them confused and depressed.

In order to deal with the glass ceiling firstly, a person has to accept it and recognize it. It can be in any form such as age, gender, class, and any other. In case if a person is an employee and he wants to break the glass ceiling, the first thing he has to keep in mind is that the glass ceiling is not a reflection. The glass ceiling can make a person depressed and angry as he is not being acknowledged for the work he has done. To tackle the glass ceiling a person has to be aware that a glass ceiling exists in their business and where it exists. As fast as a person knows about he will be able to tackle the issue. He can complain to his or her senior about the issue in case if the senior is not aware of the issue. In order to break the glass ceiling, a person has to be patient because it will take time to break it but it should be checked on a daily routine to be aware of the progress. In case if you have done all and gave your best and still you are not acknowledged of your work didn’t get what you deserve so the only option which is left is to get it from elsewhere. To break the glass ceiling is not easy if you are alone because a senior will be needed to break it. In every field a person faces a glass ceiling only he has to do is to break it with patience and hard work.

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